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Dedicated to my grandfather, Baxter Langdon; small in stature but walked tall with integrity...

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Terry's Enduring Impact

Of the Terry Fox photos that I have seen through the years, this one continues to have a long-lasting impact on me, my practice, and my well-being. I have it displayed on my office wall in clear view for my students (as well as myself) as we leave to face the day. It has prompted many questions as to its purpose, intention, and significance. As they themselves are dealing with many types of pressures, demons, stressors, and worries, I ask my students to tell me what they see; they reply: darkness, hope, perserverence, an impressively muscular leg, contrast, dream, sadness, loneliness, character, strength...

It provides a very special 'teachable moment' and inspires on a daily basis. For me, it is a constant reminder to continue the journey with integrity and strength. Terry represents a multitude of virtues that I wish for myself and my students. I say this in the present tense as I do believe that Terry's legacy and spirit continues to burn strong.

I mark the Terry Fox Run with highest reverence, much like that of Remembrance Day, as I do believe that Terry too, gave his life for our country. As we approach the Terry Fox Run on September 20th, my family and I will participate once again to acknowledge and respect. I was only 7 during the time of Terry's Run but I vividly recall the 'play by play' as he started his trek in our province, heading across the country.  Little did I know that this rising star would continue to guide and direct my professional and personal life.

With appreciation Terry.

For inspiration and perspective...

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