NLTA Vice-President

Dedicated to my grandfather, Baxter Langdon; small in stature but walked tall with integrity...

Saturday, 7 May 2016

#NL_Rising Rally - May 7th, 2016

So proud to be a part of this movement today...the feeling of solidarity amongst our public service brothers and sisters was quite uplifting during these times of worry and insecurity.

This budget has given us every reason to be skeptical and pessimistic however the 'power of our people' and the 'power of public opinion', I believe, will have great impact.

We overcome great odds each day when enter our schools and classrooms. The individual & family challenges that our students bring, our personal situations, and societal pressures, stack the cards for us however, our schools, teachers, and our children show great strength and resilience.

As teachers, we know what we need to maximize supports for our children, We now need to hold strong, as never before, to reclaim our professional rights and be heard! Let your MHAs and government know where you stand...we have too much to lose!

(Photo Credit: Gerard Walsh - Buddy & Teacher Colleague)